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Creating multi-format advertising campaigns on Partners media platforms.

Our integrated approach to advertising seamlessly combines different content formats, utilizing active interaction on social media and online media sites.

We specialize in creating campaigns across multiple media, providing dynamic and engaging brand experiences for our clients.

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Special Projects 360°

Integrated approach to implementation

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Strengthening your reputation

And brand image

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Increasing awareness

And trust in the brand

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Increased coverage

Among the target audience of clients

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What is included in special projects

Development of a creative advertising campaign

based on the customer’s tasks and goals, using Partners brands

Drawing up a media plan for an advertising campaign

with KPI forecast

Creation of a separate landing page dedicated to the project

on which photo and/or video content, texts are posted

Project Announcement

Banner Announcement

Creative, unique design, result

Posters on social networks (posts and stories)

Promotion, structural editorial, style

Targeted advertising

Strategy, implementation, efficiency

Special project toolkit


Creative layout and animation on the landing page

Integration Preview
Integration Preview


Photo/video shooting, 3D video clips, Masks for social networks and much more

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Outdoor advertising, advertising in movie theaters

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Placement in the print edition, Integrations in YouTube

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Integration Preview

Working with bloggers and Influencers

Communication, Management and Organization

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Turnkey organization, Integration of projects into internal activities

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